Become Well. Stay Well.

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Physical Wellness

Our all-inclusive wellness programs are tailored to help you with a variety of concerns using herbal therapy, nutritional supplements, emotional coaching and advice for mental relaxation and improving physical health.

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Emotional Wellness

At Infinite Healing, we can help you to understand the root of your struggles, and  the actions to take to start feeling better through one of our programs.

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In addition to individual meetings, we support families emotionally and physically. 

My experience with Tiffany was life changing. The emotion code session had such a compassionate feel to it with no lack on the professionalism. I say this because, I felt your want to actually help me help myself and set goals to get me there. You offer so many great services I’m so thankful I chose to heal with you as my guiding provider.

J. Johnson

Whole Health is about the mind and the body. We focus on both at all times.

Services We Provide

Physical Wellness

Remove. Repair. Rebuild. 

Professional Wellness Services

Emotional Wellness

Professional Caring Emotional Practitioner Dedicated to Your Emotional Well-Being


Services for Families 

Supporting Families to Live Their Healthiest Life

Wellness Center Information:

3852 Creamery Rd

Green Bay, Wisconsin 54115

Virtual and In Person Appointments Available

Wellness Center Hours:

Monday: 9:30-2:30

Tuesday: 9:30-2:30

Wednesday: 9-8

Thursday: 9:30-2:30

Friday: 9:30-2:30